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The object of Chennai Bonsai Exotica is to promote and develop the appreciation of the Art of Bonsai and to provide a forum through which persons interested in bonsai may communicate by participating in educational lectures, hands on workshops, professional meetings, research and publications and other related pursuit. The Association will also engage itself in the Art of Suiseki and Saikei and promote this knowledge also among the member students, general public etc. and other green activities like tree planting and related activities.

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Bonsai Workshop in 13 Degree North  Nursery, in Sholinganallur  on  May 7   from 9.30 AM TO 12:30  PM

You can choose your  bonsai materials   and  get trained   as Bonsai's

Cycas relvoluta

 One of the oldest plants in the Earth--may be Ten Million Years old. It has Palm like appearance, but it not..

Goshin is a bonsai created by John Y. Naka.

Goshin is a bonsai created by John Y. Naka. It is a forest of eleven junipers (Juniperus chinensis 'foemina'), the..

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2nd Bonsai Exhibition
Bonsai workshop by Mr. Veer Choudhary from Kakinada with Ficus as main focus of discussion
Bonsai workshop by Mr. Ravindran on Casuariana from Nagercoil - Nikki Bonsai Garden