Bonsai Training  

One of the endeavours of Chennai Bonsai  Exotica is to share the collective knowledge of exponents and growers with beginners and those interested in knowing and growing Bonsai.

For the above purpose, we provide structured training sessions, workshops and advice on various aspects, issues and concerns  on Bonsai. The details are as follows :

1.       Maintaining a Bonsai 

a)      Bonsai Pruning

b)      Bonsai  Wiring  & reshaping

c)       Bonsai Watering

d)      Bonsai Repotting

e)      Bonsai Manuring / Fertilizing

f)       Frequently occurring common problems

2.  Introduction to Bonsai  - Basic Bonsai Training Course for Beginners

a)      Fundamentals governing the growing of Bonsai

b)      Explanation accompanied with display

c)       Hands-on-experience – Getting a feel of Bonsai

d)      Group Planting exercises

e)      Growing a healthy bonsai by proper maintenance including wiring, shaping, etc.

 3. Advanced  Bonsai Course - Advanced Bonsai Training Program  for people with Basic Knowlege in Bonsai

a)      Rock grown bonsai

b)      Thickening of trunk of plants

c)       Suihan (Water & Land) Penjing

d)      Rock cementing

e)      Improving of Bonsai by various methods & aesthetics

4. Bonsai Workshops

We conduct regular workshops periodically on specific issues, techniques, case studies, etc. Highly acclaimed professional masters at the National and International and International level, with immense experience would be invited to conduct these sessions.

a)      Apart from the above,  we also provide advice to students for their personal gardening problems  to create a  general awareness amongst the future citizens on the benefits of growing trees and having a greener universe.

b)      Bonsai growers could bring their plants or get their doubts clarified by  getting in touch with members of Chennai Bonsai Exotica who meet regularly on the third Saturday of every month.

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