About us

The Bonsai Study Group was built up by a group of like-minded individuals inspired by taking in the Art of Bonsai, the fragile union of nature and creative expression. It is a forum that is open for all, with an equality perspective. There are no masters and students, rather we function as a lively platform that connects individuals through a common passion, Bonsai.

These days a lot of information is available via the web regarding basic Bonsai and mastering. However, unless one practices what one sees and studies, the Art of Bonsai cannot be perfected. We as members converge together at each other's homes during the weekends and holidays to work on our Bonsai plants. This is a great way for new members to get to watch the experienced professionals at work, and bring their own materials along to learn basic techniques that include shaping and wiring of the plants/trees.

Exchange and sales of Bonsai and its allied materials within members are also welcomed. Additionally, field trips to collect Bonsai material from the wild, and visits to various Bonsai gardens in Chennai and around other parts of South India are also facilitated.

Our mission is simple: Promote and practice the living art, Bonsai. Our aim is analogous to Kaikou Bonsai study groups, wherein "crossing paths" as person-to-person and/or person to bonsai (nature) encounter leads to experiencing the creative wonder of "Nature in the Palm of Your Hand".

Bonsai is two-parts - art and horticulture. By becoming a member of the Bonsai Study Group, you nurture your own creativity and artistic side as well as the creativity of others by being a Bonsai educationist. By creating a living beautiful work of art, you also cherish your gardening and growing skills.

Membership: We welcome all: Public, Bonsai enthusiasts, and Bonsai artists, from beginners to professionals.